About Us

3 Reasons for us to work together


The Estonian American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (EACCI) was created in August 2002 to promote trade and investment between the U.S. and Estonia, to provide a forum for information exchange between the American and Estonian business communities, and actively further the business interests of its members.


A membership organization, the EACCI is open to individuals, companies and organizations interested in fostering economic ties between Estonia and the U.S.


The EACCI offers members a variety of opportunities to meet individuals and companies involved in the Estonian and American business communities.


Our partners

In conjunction with the Consulate General of Estonia in New York, the Estonian Embassy in Washington, DC, the ACCE and U.S. Embassy in Estonia, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and other U.S. service agencies, the EACCI will assist American companies and individuals wishing to establish commercial contacts with Estonian companies

In addition to the services described above, EACCI works with a network of partners to provide a number of business support services to companies past the initial stages through its affiliate company, BBIN, online at bbin.global.

NEW!  The EACCI has expanded its reach to the other Baltic countries of Latvia and Lithuania with the creation of the Joint Baltic American Business Council. We are excited about this new umbrella organization that will enable us to collaboratively broaden our reach and ability to promote bilateral trade between the U.S. and the Baltic countries and opportunities for our collective members.

Our team

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  • Krista Altok Tassa
    skype: kristaat1


    917 744-2765

  • Rimas Kezys
    Travel Consultant, Vytis Tours


    (123) 555-1234 x1100

  • Eva-Maria Liimets
    Consul General, Consulate General of Estonia
    Stanley Goodspeed


    212 883-0636

  • Gustav Plato
    Director of Board, Latvian Chamber of Commerce in the Americas
    skype: iigrowth_gplato


    240 499-4938

  • Erik Puskar
    Member, Estonian-American National Council
    skype: erik puskar


    202 746-7061

  • Alvar Soosaar
    Member, Estonian-American National Council
    skype: alvar.soosaar


    434 242-5449

  • Eric Suuberg
    Vice President, Estonian-American National Council


    (401) 863-1420

  • Christian Visdomini
    CEO, Change Group Americas


    212 962-4487