• EACCI Partners with Finnish American Chamber of Commerce & Launchpad USA for EdTech Forum September 28 and 29 in New York City

    July 11, 2016


    How do you monetize an offering in an industry where things are traditionally free? And how do you effectively pitch that idea in the most lucrative EdTech markets?

    By 2019, the North American EdTech market alone is expected to reach over 55 billion USD. The demand for solutions enhancing education is on the rise now more than ever.

    The EACCI together with Launchpad USA, the Finnish American Chamber of Commerce, and BBIN have organized an event in the Big Apple to learn the best practices in creating and building an international business model.

    Nordic EdTech startups will have the chance to meet accelerators and VCs such as Dreamit! and Rethink Education to learn about packaging and pitching your idea in the U.S. and the best strategies to scale your enterprise.

    Investor-selected startups will be given the opportunity to pitch their offering.

    Sign up now by sending an executive summary. Once your executive summary has been reviewed, we will contact you to confirm your participation and provide further details.

    If you do not have an interest in meeting with investors, simply send us an email to indicate your interest.

    Please keep in mind that space is limited.

    Send the executive summary to

    Visit the event website for updates.


  • Startup-Up, Estonia

    March 24, 2016

    Last night, the Estonian-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry co-organized the “Start-Up, Estonia” forum to kick off several days of activities around the Estonian Government’s panel discussions, the Prime Minister’s trade mission to the United States, and the Estonian Cultural Days. The kickoff event included presentations by EACCI members Cognuse, BBIN Global, and Fisher Row Capital. Forum attendees included potential investors, U.S. companies exploring opportunities for doing business in Estonia, and Estonian companies considering U.S. market entry.

    BBIN Principal Krista Altok Tassa, who also serves as EACCI’s president, provided an overview of trade and investment between the U.S. and Estonia. Drawing on her 20+ years of experience in the area, she offered anecdotes about Estonian companies and their entry into the U.S. market, including personal experiences as co-founder of MobileNOW!, a U.S. affiliate of Estonian mobile parking company NOWInnovations.

    alvar-225x300Fisher Row Capital’s Alvar Soosaar presented an in-depth look at the key players in the startup scene in Estonia, at Estonian startups that have met with success in the U.S, as well as current earlier-stage startups with potential for success. He also discussed the need for more help needed on the U.S. side for Estonian startups looking to penetrate the U.S. market, and mentioned that he is evaluating founding a centrally located startup accelerator in Philadelphia to serve as a landing pad on the East Coast for European-headquartered startups.

    Andres Mellik, CEO of Cognuse, shared his company’s market entrance strategy over the past 2 years, and a realistic description of what is required to penetrate the U.S. marketplace.




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    February 4, 2016
    What is greenwashing and how to recognize it? Paris Climate Conference and our impressions. What are the 10 things that make a clean-up successful? What happened in Ukraine? Cultural change in Albania and more!
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